Our Team            

Marc Cianfarani
Marc was employed at the WSIB where he was employed as a Future Economic Loss Adjudicator making long term loss of earnings decisions. In 1994, Mr.Cianfarani
entered private practice representing clients with their WSIB cases and presenting appeals before the WSIB Appeals Branch and WSIAT. Mr.Cianfarani is a paralegal licensed by the LSUC.

Email: mcianfarani@kindlelegal.com


Angelo Consiglio
Angelo began working as a Claims Specialist in 1993 focusing on Job Suitability and benefit recurrence issues.  Since 1995, he has prepared and presented numerous WSIB and WSIAT appeals
. Mr.Consiglio is also an experienced advocate appearing regularly before Social Security Tribunal. Mr.Consiglio is a paralegal licensed by the LSUC.

Email: aconsiglio@kindlelegal.com



Berto Napoleone
Berto is a former initial entitlement adjudicator with the WSIB and has been a WSIB advocate since 1994  representing numerous clients before the WSIB and WSIAT appeals branch. Mr.Napoleone is a paralegal licensed by the LSUC.

Email: bnapoleone@kindlelegal.com